7 ridiculously simple ways to protect your car from theft

In our last blog we looked at how you can secure your home on a budget. So now the burglar isn’t going to bother with your property. But what about your car? It’s valuable, it might contain something worth stealing and it’s relatively easy to break into.

What we don’t realise is that car thieves are smart. They earn their living from jacking your vehicle and they know how to do it well. That’s why it’s so difficult to prevent it.

In this blog we’re going to outline 7 ways to better secure your car from pesky thieves.

Lock your car – You’re probably reading this saying ‘duhhhh’ but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who forget to do it. Whether they’re in a rush, they’re just popping into the shop for a minute or they’re just the forgetful type – an unlocked car is asking to be stolen. Always check that you’ve locked it up.

Take your keys – Not too dissimilar to our last point. If you’re nipping into the shop to pick up a paper, it isn’t fine to leave your keys in the ignition. You’re making it far too easy for them.

Park smart – When you’re parking up, asses the location you’re in. Is it well lit? Is it known for a high crime rate? If you’ve parked your car down a dark and dingy side street there’s a good chance that a thief is going to have a go at breaking in.

Don’t advertise – If you park up and leave your laptop lying on the passenger seat for hours on end I’d bet it isn’t there when you return. Don’t turn your vehicle into a shop window. Thieves do look into cars to see if it’s worth their time. Make sure that they don’t think yours is.

Alarm it – Car thieves love quiet and dark. If you alarm your car and they break in, they’re quickly going to bolt when that ear piercing noise kicks in. It’s a worthy investment for anyone.

Garage – If the car isn’t out on the street, it won’t be seen by thieves. Purchase or hire a garage space and leave your car in there over night. Make sure you implement security measures on the garage too.

Invest in a steering wheel lock – If you’re trying to protect your vehicle you need to put plenty of obstacles in the way. A steering wheel lock can be seen from the outside and might just end up being one obstacle too many.

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