Cash point safety tips

It’s something we all do on a regular basis but how many people take extra care when they visit a cash machine? There are over 60,000 cash machines in operation throughout the UK and sadly, a large number of people fall victim to crimes at the dispensers. This makes us angry at Xtra Security so we have studied the subject of cash point attacks and come up with this safety advice.

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Always use cash points in public places and be careful of anyone acting suspiciously near the ATM. If people are close behind you, walk away, and use another machine.
  • Look for anything unusual: Check to see if the cash point has been modified in any way or there is anything suspicious attached to the machine. Thieves have been known to ‘skim’ card details by attaching devices to cash machines that record card details, whilst tiny cameras overhead capture your PIN.
  • Shield the keypad: When you are entering your pin conceal the keypad by using your body as a blocking device. Don’t advertise your PIN to all and sundry, keep your number closely guarded.
  • Avoid distractions: Be wary of people trying to talk to you when you are taking money from the machine. Criminals work in teams, one person will talk to you whilst the other has it away with your money.
  • Put money away quickly: Don’t stand next the cash machine counting out your cash note by note. Place your money straight into your purse or wallet and if you do feel the need to check it, make sure it’s in a private place where there’s nobody about.
  • Use common sense: If you feel uneasy about using a cash machine for whatever reason it’s best to walk away. Go with your gut instinct, it’s usually right and it could save you from becoming the victim of a cash point attack.

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